You can accomplish more then you think.

I have been racing and coaching athletes of all abilities for over 20 years. When I joined the Marines I was 240 lbs. I couldn't run 1.5 miles. 

I hired coaches, learned from many resources, trial and error, and pure experience to refine my coaching knowledge. I maintain status among some of the top authors and educators in the sport to make sure I continue to learn. I took these practices to eventually become ranked as one of the top athletes in the World with 9 Kona finishes with a 9:16 and a 4:03 70.3 PR. This allows me to relate to athletes no matter where they are in their journey. 

More importantly then my results - MY ATHLETES get better. in 2016 I had 8 people qualify for Kona. I have helped dozens of others do the same. 

I like to take a straight forward approach to what is needed to make you better. It does not matter to me how fast an athlete is. I am most motivated by anyone who strives to become better and set goals. 

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