I have been bad keeping this updated but honestly it’s because things have moved slowly, or maybe they haven’t, it just seems that way when it’s all you seem to think about every day.  I did want to catch you all up though on where I am with the heels so if anyone wants to know for themselves.

-        I had a lot f ups and downs over the past month. Its tough to be this long into recovery because while there is discomfort and some pain, it really isn’t that bad anymore. Well, that is unless you are trying to do something. Then it becomes limiting. What I mean by that is for me, the inside portion of my ankle has a nerve that when I put pressure on my big toe to do work, say like a heel raise, it gets pissed and won’t let me. It gets better every week though so I can see the end in sight.

-        I have very minimal pain walking around and while I can go upstairs with no issues, the bottom part of my calf (even around to my shin) still isn’t flexible enough to let me dorsiflex to go down the stairs straight on. I have to side step still but it’s getting better.

-        BTW, I’m at 19 and 13 weeks respectively.

-        In the pool I am swimming normal. I think I am biking a touch too aggressively, so I am going to take a week to back off that. The hard part is I can’t seem to stand as my calf isn’t strong enough to hold me so I end up “tip toeing” for just a few sec to give my ass a break.

-        The 13 week one is still a touch inflamed but nothing major. I’m able to elliptical, and Stairmaster. I was even able to run on the alter G at 60% the other day with no pain. I’m pretty out of shape though.

-        Two weeks ago in the h pool (about 4 ft deep) I was able to do 3 x 25 heel raises no problem except calf fatigue on the 19, and only 10 painful ones on the 13). I stick with it though and in the last few days have worked up to 3 x 25 on both although the right calf (13) is still pretty smoked half way through

-        I go to PT 2 x a week and do a lot of self-therapy at home. It takes a lot of time.

I am to the point I feel I will have a pretty normal life here soon, but it does take a while. I think I will beat the 6 months return to run, I even considered doing IMFL, but then I was like “What’s the point?

I signed up for a 70.3 next April, and Lake Placid and am optimistic. The tough part is I have put on 8-10 lbs. It’s tough to battel that but if I’m honest, I don’t think it’s the lack of working out, it’s the fact that you snack more J

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