Time To Eat! 

This is the time of year that you need to have that dialed in. I bring this up because I am starting to train a bit again, but unlike past years, I simply do not have the time to train as I have so many other things going on.

After being skeptical to follow the advice of my wife’s ;), I finally went all in on her nutrition plan for athletes.

Its super simple, it combines some shakes which replaces some of my meals (its important they are the RIGHT ones, there are a ton of bad products out there), and there is some intermittent fasting involved which needs to be properly timed with training. Do those at the wrong time, and you can drastically reduce affect, and even cause more regression then help…

Let me skip to a little background. I used to weigh 240 pounds’ years ago. I lost a ton of weight and have kept it off for years. I do eat well, but always used (or thought I used) exercise as a form of weight management. Let’s not argue if that was effective, even if it was though, after going through surgery I had huge anxiety over how I was going to be able to maintain weight when I couldn’t workout. To say I had anxiety is an understatement! I would get depressed when I started to put weight on again, so my first instinct was to try to find ways to workout again. What I finally realized though is it’s HARD to outrun your fork. It’s so much more about what you put in then what you do to work it off. Let’s be honest, there A LOT of overweight people who do ironman events. If it was all about exercise, that couldn’t happen.

I’m finally a believer! I have been on her program for 3 weeks and I am the lightest I have ever been in 3 years and I am still BARELY back to running and working out about 40% of the time I used to. It got me excited to RACE because I know how critical it is to be at optimal race weight to perform my best.

What else is cool is this month she started to officially work with 15 of our athletes and all of them are seeing the same results.

If I’m honest, on the weekends, I have indulged here and there, and have even had some wine mid-week. If you get the base of your nutrition sorted, it allows for some minor deviations. You just cannot be upset when the weight fluctuates when you do, but you know what you need to do to correct it.

So, I wanted to take a time out to remind my athletes to do the same. If you can be at a good weight, the gates of PRs open wide! Yes, my with Tanya does her program. If you want to chat to here she can be found at, but if you want to do your own thing, that’s great too. Just decide and start now! Although anytime is better than never, now is the best time as opposed to later in the season when a lot of the racing and hard work starts.  It’s MUCH more effective to do this for a couple months consistently to get the body dialed in.

I like easy to follow, easy to travel with, easy to understand, and easy to maintain (and also quality nutrients that are what I need to be my best, stay healthy, and injury free). That’s why I like this program. I don’t want to get into what my plan is because I don’t want this to be an ad. I just want you guys to figure something out if you haven’t already.

I got to say too   - honestly it is HUGELY liberating to know I don’t HAVE TO workout to maintain weight. That’s a huge mental shift for me because as I age, its just not possible to do what I used to. So, that is almost as exciting.  

Start now. You will thank me later!

Tanya is a orthopedic surgery PA, specializing in athlete development, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

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