Catch up in 2017! Heel update

I know that I was giving updates to my heels and I wanted to do a good job of letting others know what the scoop is incase they too were thinking about having the achilles Haglund's deformity surgery. 

Couple things I will say right away. 

1. they suggested I put a few months between the two surgeries as I needed both sides done. I did not want to do that because I wanted to get back to training and racing as soon as possible. I am not sure if it was because it was too close together or because when I had the first one done and out of the boot the second one was being done so I was forced to do less with it. The second one though is healing a lot slower. Its frustrating because it was my stronger leg going in and therefore i did it second thinking it would play catch up quickly. 

So it could have been that my body had already an inflammatory response from the first surgery and therefore the second just was more inflamed - or when I was told I could use the second one I tried to do too much too quick because there was nothing in my way of doing so.

So thats a long way to say the time I thought I would have saved having them done right after each other - wasn't saved. I would have waited another month or so. 

I was told I could start to run so I did.the issue was my PT was telling me to wait until I could do 20 heel raises and the surgeon was saying, just go ahead and start to run. I started to run of course which meant the tendon was inflamed because the calf really wasn't strong enough. 

That was around Thanksgiving time. I went back for a check up, the surgeon was concerned. He told me to stop running until I got the strength back, because I was making no progress on the strength and let the swelling subside. 

So I went on an anti inflammatory, shut down the running until Mid January and  started to make a lot of progress. The strength was a lot better but not perfect. I ran with little to no pain. When I started to push the intensity it was OK, but I think the back to back days kind of got to it. It started to hurt again, so i took another week off. That was last week. Im starting to ramp up slowly again now and its feeling OK. 

I really think int he end I will be fine, but its just taking forever. Im glad I did the surgery still. I was game over if I did nothing. Im still trying to figure out if and what level I will race again, but am optimistic that the chance for a normal life is subsided. 

When I went into this I thought I couldn't imagine life without racing. This did help me appreciate a new perspective. They say everything happens for a reason and I think this is true here too. I think I will race again, but this did help put perspective to its place in my life and I am excited to work towards other fitness goals as well. 

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