Workout on the road

Working out on the road can be a challenge. Here is a trick I use. Feel free to sub out things for whatever you may be able to find.

We are going to do a combo workouts.

use any cardio equipment for 15 min at any effort you feel like. try to be in zone 2-3 if you can.


3 x as many pushups as you can (up to 20)

3 x 10 hamstring curls on the ball

3 x 10 bicep curls

10 min on the machine or a different one is even fine

3 x 10 pull downs

3 x 10 triceps ext.

3 x 10 squat variation (kettle bells, dumbbells, etc)

then 5 min on the machine

3 x 10 sit ups

3 x 10 seated row

3 x 10 your choice

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