I am a level 2 Certified USAT coach. I am partners with Joe Friel and have been mentored by him for more then 20 years among other high level coaches and authors. I have been coached by Joe Friel, Wes Hobson, Jim Vance, Chris McCormack, Dave Scott, Troy Jacobson, and others. As a coach of a Olympic triathlete I have had the full access to the OTC and the USAT staff for years. 

Personally I started out at 240 lbs. in 1994 and could not run 1.5 miles to join the Marines. I have since lost 80 lbs. and have developed myself into an elite level Age Group triathlete. 

I love coaching and helping athletes. I feel there is a lot of “noise” out there in the triathlon community that can get confusing. I have tried just about every possible way to get faster. I have hired several top coaches and while some had some great ideas, none had everything I was looking for or needed as an athlete. It would be arrogant to say I have all the answers too. This is one of the reasons I surround myself with great people. I am not afraid to ask for help, or listen to other’s input when working with an athlete. I feel this is important because you should feel your coach will consider and be open to all the options for you to have at your disposal. I believe in my abilities enough that I can decipher a lot of the information out there and bring the relevant components to a training schedule.

We always tend to measure or brag about what a coach does in terms of their own PRs. Sure I was ranked at one point #1 for 70.3 in my Age Group. I have been to Kona 9 x with a PR of 9:16. I have done several 70.3 races under 4:05. However, I feel the most important measure is how the athletes I coach do. I have seen some good athletes that are really bad coaches to be blunt. In fact, sometimes the fact they are talented can hinder their ability to grasp what you may be struggling with. This is why I feel fortunate to have lost over 70 lbs. and struggled tremendously for years to figure out how to get faster or even finish races.

Yes, I have qualified dozens of athletes for Kona and 70.3 Worlds. I had 8 athletes in 2016 alone qualify for Kona and had an athlete Ben Kanute compete in the Olympics even. Those are impressive and often talked about because its easy to measure I think. I’ve also had athletes go from 16:50 to 13:30 for Ironman and I am as proud of those types of accomplishments. I have others that have very limited training time available (less than 60 min a day) and they qualified for AG Nationals.

I use and understand all the latest tools. You will get faster and be more efficient if you are willing to invest in certain equipment, and programs. I also thing you can have paralysis from analysis at times. Often I find athletes that just want to know what else they can analyze to get better. At the end of the day you have to put in the work and be consistent year round. 

I work best with athletes who are willing to work and listen to advice. They need to take the sport seriously for the time they have to put into it, but be able to laugh things off too at times. Yes, we want to hit goals. But - it’s supposed to be fun.